Referral Jobs (Direct Referral from Employees)

This group intended Referral Jobs (Direct Referral from Employees)

Every Company has in-house referral program … Let me explain what it does

We all know there is a huge cost involved in hiring a right talent. Human Resource Team of any company performs following major activities to get the desired resource to accomplish the task.

Request employees to Refer there friends, family or people they know.
Hire Consultancy to complete the demand.
Purchase the Job portals & Utilize in-house HR team to find the right skill set.

The most efficient & cost saving process is Direct Referral from Employees. Almost one or other company follow the same process.
Let’s make the process little easier & Help our company to find right skill, also make easy career path for Job Seeker & get the Referral bonus/award from your company.

So, Professionals across the Globe. Let’s share Direct Referral Program here, and help each other!!!.

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With the Referral Program, Please share your personal/Office Email id(Where Candidates can send their Resume), and once you find the right profile share the employee id and Mail id with them for referral...

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