IT Network in Egypt

Greetings Everyone,

Since we are using the Facebook on almost daily basis, it is better to have community that includes all the IT specialists in several areas of expertise, to communicate, know each other and to explore several opportunities.

Having the IT people organized in a single network will give everyone the opportunity to speak with all group members, unlike being a member in a page that will make you as a recipient for the page admins only.

So let's initially agree upon the following:
- No hate or racism posts
- No Advertising posts
- No Spoof posts
- No games and play post
- No political or religion related posts

This group will only be dedicated for Information Technology (IT) related posts, and for any violations, the posts will be deleted immediately.

So I kindly invite everyone to add his IT-Related friends, i.e. (Your Friends who are Working, Studying or Interested in Information Technology IT) to this group.

Good Luck for You All, and Good Networking Time.

Group Admin...