Idaho Chronic Pain

For those located in Idaho who suffer and survive from any type ...of chronic pain, auto immune, rheumatoid or debilitating disease. Please feel free to discuss whatever you're comfortable with but be respectful to other people. We have monthly meet n greets to get to know one another and share experiences.

**All members must be located in the state of Idaho. If you apply and don't have an Idaho location listed on your profile, you will not be added. Admins frequently check all members for location. If you've moved or are no longer in Idaho, you will be removed. If you live in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Utah or Nevada, please join Northwest Chronic Pain.**

***Under NO circumstances should any member of the Admin team be blocked by ANY member. If we find this out, you will be removed***

***No soliciting yours or a friend or family member's business or selling of anything. No sharing of any GoFundMe pages or pages UNLESS approved by admin. If it's a product, i.e. Kratom, CBD oil, MJ/MMJ, Plexus, It Works, Greenz, etc. You can post facts about it and answer basic questions, but if you're interested in selling, or if people are interested to see what you have, it will need to take place in a private message.***

***Under no circumstance will there be any asking or offering of sharing any kind of medicine that you currently take to another member, in the group threads. What you do in a private conversation is none of our business, but it is illegal to share or use medication that hasn't been prescribed to you. Thank you!***

Jenn Arnesen and Sarah Walker are the group Admins.