IGBO VILLAGE is a Group with a Vision for the self-determination & emancipation of the Igbo Race.
IGBO VILLAGE is committed towards promoting the Igbo culture, traditional heritage, language, belief & the Igbo Vision. We create a platform for social media interaction among Igbos thereby articulating a common front in all matters affecting the Igbo Race.

IGBO VILLAGE also provides help & assistance to indigent youths, the less privilege, destitute & widows through various schemes & programs.
We also encourage the development of our beloved ALAIGBO; thus we deploy different tools aimed at attracting substantial & sustainable investments.
We also highlight the achievements of our Igbo Sons & Daughters all over the world so as to prove that the Igbo Race is indeed at the zenith of the human race.

IGBO VILLAGE belongs to every Igbo person: it belongs to NO ONE.

Welcome on Board!!!