Iligan Small Business Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the Iligan Small Business Entrepreneur - Iligan, a group organized for the purpose of enhancing business discussions and explorations in the City of Iligan. The Group intended to awaken the business acumen of each member for the betterment of the City of Iligan


1. We don't accept FAKE PROFILE

2. You may write sentences in English, Tagalog, Visayan or mixed as long as your message can be clearly understood by your target readers and observe the following:

a) stating your message immediately means it is addressed to the public so anybody/everybody can comment or react.

b) use "@" then name of person/s (click FB name if you want him/her/them to be notified) before you type your message if you want to address your message to specific person/s so they could comment or react.

3) You can copy and re-post threads/comments by typing on the first line the name of originator of the thread that you re-posted and type the texts of comments on the next line

4) You can share a link of photos, videos, data and information but don't forget to include your source, public and with permission if private.

5) You can LIKE or COMMENT on the threads/messages/comments of others, whether positively or negatively as long as your comment is related to the issue at hand, do not divert from the thread of the discussion.


By: Kim Romarez