Illinois Medical Cannabis Community

On August 1, 2013, Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn, signed the Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act into law.

The Illinois Medical Cannabis Community (IMCC) is a group of professionals collectively working together to inform, educate, and raise awareness about medical cannabis in the state of Illinois. Our community consists of patients, advocates, and professionals in the cannabis industry often times associated with dispensaries, health clinics, wellness centers, cultivation facilities, and other ancillary businesses.

We aim to help the pilot program succeed by providing patients and interested parties with industry news, scholarly research, up to date information, and the latest developments. The administrators of the group are non-paid volunteers who put in an extensive amount of time, energy, and effort to build a legitimate source of information conveniently located at the palm of your hand.

While we strive to enforce a great environment and avenue of information, we encourage our members to participate in the process by upholding the community values, standards, and policies which include but are not limited to:

Content published must provide value to others and be geared toward the patients first.

Absolutely No Ad hominem. We are all working towards the same goal so play nice or get out.

No posts about legalization. This is strictly for medical cannabis and the program in Illinois.

Anyone spamming, swearing, posting irrelevant or illegal content is subject to being removed and permanently banned. Please consider this your first and only warning.