We Love Decorative Concrete!

This group was started to correspond with a group of the same name on LinkedIn. I wanted to start it on Facebook to reach a more broad audience of people that may want or need professional help. Someone already got the URL "I Love Decorative Concrete" before I did, so in the future the name will change so there can be a website.

My goal for this is to help contractors. You can post stuff about your products, but I ask that you have some kind of sale or "5% 0ff if you mention the group". I ask that because it is irritating when someone ask for an inexpensive product some salesperson doesn't get on here and suggest the most expensive line in the market. I also don't want salespeople suggesting surface retarders when evaporation retarders are needed.

I will be upfront- I also want to use the group as a research vehicle because our industry has such little data. I hope this can be a group for new and experienced folks can come for answers- including end users. I will try and get some of my contacts to offer discounts to members also.

I have the group as open for now, but if the group would like it closed or secret let's discuss. Please invite friends or customers to the group on LinkedIn and/or Facebook. If you have not been to the LinkedIn group please join or visit- we discuss real life issues and I am proud to say we have some real leaders of the industry freely giving their time to help. The group does not allow manufacturers claiming you can do 5000 sf in an hour. We are against over-selling and under-delivering. I look forward to hearing from you all and I hope we can help some contractors. Some of you know me personally and I am just very against manufacturers making crazy claims and telling people (that have never touched a trowel) or are new to the industry they can make $2500.00 a day only to see them lose their butts.

Let me know how I can make the group better- for you and others. Todd Rose