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A Fitness group made for Imgurians, by Imgurians. Regular updates, tips and advice from myself, a certified professional, as well as feedback and conversation with other Imgur fitness enthusiasts.

Please read our rules and guidelines here:

This group is open to all levels of fitness and experience, and no negativity or hostility will be tolerated. We do however, aim to maintain a casual atmosphere, where people are free to interact with each other as friends.

Anyone is free to post, start up conversation and ask questions at your leisure.

The following list are people who are professionals and scholars in their fields and may also be able to help you. (please note this list may be in need of updating and some here may no longer be active or be in the group)

Sherlock Michaels- Personal Trainer.
Betsy 'Doubek' Campbell- Personal Trainer
Gavin Hemmerlein- Personal Trainer.
Lisa Peterson- Personal Trainer
Cam Maguire- Personal Trainer
Steven Stippich- Personal Trainer, Paramedic, Firefighter, Action Hero, Astronaut
Michael Halliday- Strength and Conditioning Coach
Namita Kamath- Masters in Clinical Nutrition, future RD
Jon Yuhas- Nutritionist
Daniel DeTullio- Chiropractor
Erica Rischert- BA in Exercise physiology focused on Cardiac rehabilitation
Lindsay E. Smith- Message Therapist (Cool stuff thats more than just rubbing people)
Hanna Ryan-Craig- Medical Science
Bruce Benneke- Paramedic
Ali Cawthon Tomy- Nurse
Dawn Tesla Strobele Morales- Psychologist
Colleen Dewis- Engineering (Ergonomics, moton analysis and biomechanics)
Gregory Vincent Andre- Occupational therapist
Ronni Bødker- MSc in sports science
Megan Russell- Zumba/Dance instructor
Goose Fisher- Crossfit Coach
Joakim Wriedt- Jiu Jitsu Instructor
Julia Olson- Pharmacy Student
Katja Katarina- Fitness and Yoga instructor.
Marius Prestmo Johnsen- Biotech Expert
Derek McCloud- Kettlebell Instructor.
Rachel K- Mental Health Therapist

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