Immediate Part time/ Freelance Jobs

Reminder to all employers/recruiters:

Please refrain from postings advertisement that is unrelated to the subject of this group.

You can refer to Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP) guidelines when creating job ads.

Some practical tips for creating job advertisements :

Use “No Experience Required” if you are advertising for entry-level positions. This will allow qualified mature job-seekers who are willing to take on entry-level jobs to also apply. Avoid phrases like “fresh graduates only” as it can be perceived as discriminatory towards older workers.

If frequent travelling is required, state so in the advertisement, rather than excluding people with family responsibilities by stating “Only Singles Need Apply”. This will help ensure that qualified persons with family commitments and are willing to travel can also apply.

If the job involves certain functions that might not be welcomed by a certain gender, state the function in the job advertisement rather than a preference for applicants from a particular gender. Example : "Delivery personnel required. Job involves night assignments to remote areas."

If the job requires the candidate to perform religious functions or involves certain religious sensitivities, state so in the advertisement. Example : "Cook/Helper required for Muslim kitchen, familiarity with Halal food preparation required."
If the nature of the job is physically demanding, state the required physical attributes clearly rather than indicating an age cut-off. Example : "Candidates are required to load and unload sacks of rice of at least 10kg each."

If the job nature requires proficiency in a particular language, state the reason. Example : "Chinese language teacher for pre-school centre. Good credit in ‘O’ Level Chinese required. "