Immersion – Underwater Photo & Video

A supportive forum for underwater photography and video. Let’s share the details "behind the shot" so we can all get better images and videos. Sponsored by Optical Ocean Sales,


1. Play nice.

2. Post only 2 Photos per day.

3. Tag your photos with Location and Equipment/Settings used.

5. Likes are good-Comments even better.

4. Give us your behind the shot details: tell us about the jellyfish stings; the torments and travails involved in capturing the image.

6. Consider watermarking your photos.

7. Photos may be featured on the Optical Ocean Sales FB page.

8. Share the knowledge - feel free to give or ask for tips on technique/gear etc. as related to underwater photography and the photos posted.

9. Posts unrelated to underwater photography, for sale ads, commercial or non-commercial messages will be removed.

10. See Rule #1. Personal attacks will get you banned from the group.