Inclusive Voices for Innovation & Technology in Education

The purpose of this group is to explore issues around diversity and inclusion within the ed tech ecosystem, seek solutions to improve and to increase the diversity of voice and representation at conferences, in publications, in districts, and within schools, and to provide support for all members who are interested in more opportunities to share their expertise and learn from one another.

Activities within this group may include:

- Create and share resources on how to write articles for publications
- Create and share resources on how to create winning proposals for conferences
- Draft solutions or recommended strategies for conference program committees
- Coach each other how to create and facilitate more engaging sessions
- Provide support in the form of peer review of session outlines to improve what we do at conferences and in workshops
- Provide support in the form of peer review for articles, blog posts, books, book chapters, etc.
- Provide mentorship in the field (local job feedback, growth...etc)
- Provide support to conference organizers around the inclusion of session strands that address equity challenges (women in STEM, access to devices/bandwidth, etc.) so that schools that have higher populations of minority and low-SES could present on those topics.
- Link to and/or post good examples and highlight conferences and publications that are already doing all of these things well.