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It's good that you have decided to come in Finland. Finland is a nice and peaceful country.But as a student, at first you have to know about the Education system and quality in Finland. So naturally, we can ask Finland good destination for studies? Jobs?
2.Overall study environment?
3.Is Finland a good place for you?

The answers of all questions will be yes. Because, it allows you to enjoy full freedom in terms of quality education, resources and facilities for you as much as you can grab as a student.

For Bachelor Admissions into Applied Sciences University (UAS):

Universities using UAF application service:

Hanken School of Economics
Lappeenranta University of Technology
University of Helsinki
University of Jyväskylä
University of Lapland
University of Oulu
University of Tampere
University of Turku
Åbo Akademi University

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* Full Flexibility on the study environment and interest.
* Customizable study plans so that you decide for your own what you want to study and what not.
* Your involvement on courses are more important rather than 'parrot' examinations. So, assignments, home works, projects, presentations and discussions carry more importance rather than examinations alone.
* FREE EDUCATION !! Most of the Finnish University (Althought some of the universities have already implemented the tuition fees) doesn't have tuition fee, exam fee, application fee or enrollment fee for Finland EXCEPT SOME CONDITIONS.

When people decide to move in a new country, most of them try to find the advantages and facilities there before coming and they find lots of supportive information from websites. But one should know that everything has it's opposite site also. We are (foreigners+students) here and want to inform you about the lifestyle, education, culture, people etc. We also want to share our experiences and views with you so that you can know the Finland well.

You have to make your own destiny by your own hands. Life is not a bed of roses. So , after going abroad , you have to do everything from finding a suitable job till survive by yourself... Don't depend on anyone for your own work even for your admissions which things you can do by using Internet very easily....

So, Don't waste your time & your money by going somewhere for your admissions that you can do by yourself ...;)...Trust yourself , God will help you of course....