IndiGo-India's Coolest Airline!!!

IndiGo is a private, low-cost airline based in Gurgaon, Haryana,... India. Since commencing operations in August 2006, it has established itself as one of India's leading airlines using its model of efficient, low-cost operations and by attracting customers with low fares. IndiGo has the second largest share in India's domestic air travel market, only behind Jet Airways and as of October 2011 it is the only airline in India making profit.IndiGo has grown faster than any other low cost carrier in South Asia.

In January 2011 the airline gained approval from regulators to launch international flights, followed by the first service from New Delhi to Dubai on 1 September 2011. By early 2012, IndiGo had taken the delivery of its 50th aircraft in less than 6 years. IndiGo is known to have placed the largest order in commercial aviation history during 2011, when Airbus won the US$ 15 billion deal for 180 aircraft. This deal pushed up the percentage of Airbus aircraft in India to 73%.

As of February 2012, IndiGo was expanding rapidly and was making solid profits. Kapil Kaul, the Chief Executive Officer (South Asia) for Centre for Asia Pacific and Aviation, an aviation information and consultancy firm, said that "The 100 Airbus aircraft deal signed in 2005 was a game changer as they managed to get an exceptional price and gave them the strategic ability to leverage it significantly". In comparison with Kingfisher Airlines, the problem with the silver screw in the A320's engines was fixed immediately in IndiGo's fleet while Kingfisher had to ground its aircraft and wait for workers to arrive. IndiGo focused on adding a new plane every six weeks and sometimes even faster. When asked about the reason for IndiGo's excellence, Kaul said "It’s first CEO, Bruce Ashby, was in India 18 months before the launch, and an experienced team at the management/board level has been key reason of IndiGo's success".
IndiGo operates to 31 destinations in India and abroad with 313 flights each day. It obtained a license to operate international flights after completing five years of domestic operations. On 22 August 2011, it was announced that the airline planned to begin international services on 1 September, initially on the New Delhi—Dubai route, but over the following weeks expanding to serve Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Muscat and Kathmandu from New Delhi and Mumbai.