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Regular Rules @ IPGL.

First of All We Do not promote Piracy and Group's Name can't be changed due to members count and FB limitations so Do not get confused with name.

"TRY TO STOP PIRACY"... IF Possible Buy Original"

Here is what we don't want and if you do then will get you banned :

1. Don’t post any Video/Group/Blog/Page/Website/advertisement etc. without the permission of Admins Take Permission First, Then Post your Advertisement, Or Else u'll get BAN.

2. Any kind of Vulgar/Abusive post or comment will be deleted immediately and the person might get kick/ban as well.

3. Please do not edit the official Doc of the group. If you need anything, you can ask ADMINS. They will do it for you.

4. We can't keep track of warned people to give another chance or something like that so u might get direct BAN So if you have any kind of problem simply Leave instead of bitching about it and creating shit-storm in group.

5. If anyone insult pirates they will be banned immediately same goes for Pirates if anyone insults Legit gamers by calling richie rich, money earned from under the table and similar shit if the guy finds it offensive and if he'll report to admin the guy'll get insta-ban !

6. Affiliate links are only allowed from some of the group members and admins who contribute to the group. Others if post affiliate links, they'll get Kick/ban.

7. Don't Post your internet speed / Desktop Screenshot / Rate this rate that things.


9. For communicating use " ENGLISH OR HINDI" only Please :)


Here is what we want and this group is for :

Initially group was just about gaming but now it became more than just a gaming group, members trusts others and ask for suggestions so it is okay if you want suggestions related to gaming i.e. Computer hardware,laptops etc.. But, Please remember that this is a Gaming Group.

To Keep the group clean help us by tagging admins or reporting post to admin on irrelevent posts.

Mobile Reated Query must be Asked here in "CELLCITY" Group :

All we want is Gaming Community where people can find and interact with fellow gamers and get latest news and updates about it.

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Creation Date- INDIA PC GAMES LINK is 31 May 2011.

From:- ADMINS.