Indian Atheists - Debate Corner

This Indian Atheists group is part of the network of Nirmukta groups and pages on facebook. It serves as the main venue for debates and arguments between believers and atheists/agnostics/skeptics. Religious believers and mystics are welcome to debate us here.

Our Indian Atheists page will continue to be off limits for proselytizers:

For anyone interested in science and reason conversations with like-minded freethinkers, our main Nirmukta group is the place to be:

While heated debates are allowed and no content will be censored, a minimum level of civility is required. Please abide by the following guidelines:

1. Before responding to a post or comment please read and understand its gist thoroughly, asking for clarification if necessary.
2. Avoid personal attacks against individuals but practice criticism of ideas. The focus should be on increasing our combined knowledge, not on putting people down.
3. Disagree without being disagreeable. Defend your opinions without being defensive.
4. Avoid posting sexually suggestive material or using language considered impolite in public settings.
5. Avoid making racially prejudiced, bigoted or hateful remarks of any sort.
6. Avoid making assumptions about other people.
7. Be informed about common logical fallacies before challenging the arguments put forth by others.
8. Once a thread has been closed by admins, do not re-open it. Comments will be deleted and repeated violation will result in temp or perma ban.
9. Please keep your conversations to English. We are a diverse group with members from all over India and the world.

Please do not discuss these guidelines or the moderation policy of the Nirmukta group admins on the facebook groups, to avoid disrupting our groups. Any grievances may be addressed either by emailing the Nirmukta moderators at [email protected], or in the Moderation Open Thread in the Nirmukta forums at Additionally, we encourage members to view moderation as a collective effort - it is in all our best interests. Therefore, if you see a post or comment that you think needs moderator attention, please do contact any of the admins or send an email to [email protected]