International Politicial Jokes and Cartoon Group

This Group is Related to Make People Understandable about Current and International Political and Diplomatic matters through the Medium of Cartoons , Jokes , Satire , Sarcasm ,humor .This Group is Service to mankind to make them Inform About Political , Policies , Decision making Process taken by World Leaders in their Affection .Administrators have right to take any Action in respect of Acceptance, Deletion and sharing of Posts , comment and position of members in the group .May be All cartoons are not authorized by Sketcher , in that scenario Administrator cannot be summoned for any kind of misuse of Any cartoon , its depend on Member's discretion to decide over the use and sharing of Cartoon .In this Group is No serious arguments allowed, they have no place here on this group.All kind of Cases of Jurisdiction will be arbitrated in Court of New Delhi Only

The consequences of members not obeying this rule are that comments will be deleted and if they persist, so will the member.