Indian Food Freak

• Indian Food Freak is a tribe of those who love food, and love to manifest it in many ways – whether through words, photos, recipes or restaurant reviews. Often with everything.

• English is the official language of the group, which can be understood by all foodies.

• No external links, unless you are providing a link after giving a recipe (please ensure that the recipe that you post is complete, including any tips you might provide on the blog). Links to other Facebook pages or groups are not allowed.

• As a tribe, we do not allow :
=> commercial promotions, ridicule, rudeness, offensive language, condescension, discrimination/racism
=> posting photos without any description , or posting personal photos.
=> publishing of photos that have not been clicked by the members themselves, or the ones that are not connected to food.
=> breach of intellectual property and copyright by posting photos or content off the internet, or in any other form.

• IFF respects all cuisines, however bizarre it may appear to some members. So any negative comment regarding any cuisine is to be strictly avoided.

• Please only post photographs with detailed description of what you are posting. If you are posting a picture of a dish eaten at a restaurant, mention the name of the restaurant, and what you thought about the food.

• Please do not post multiple photographs of the same dish- to show a cross section of a dish, or a different angle, please post the rest of the photographs as comments on the first.

• All recipes shared on IFF group will eventually be shared on the IFF website and due credit provided to you. If you would not like to share the recipe on our website, please let the administrators know.

• We have created a fairly exhaustive set of albums- pls. try and post in albums when you can so that recipes stay archived for posterity. Here is the link which leads you to all the albums on IFF:

• Please do not create albums of your own- if you want to give step-by-step instructions, or a detailed review please post one photograph, and the rest as comments on the same photograph

• if you make a dish based on a recipe you found in IFF, please post a picture and acknowledge the person who's recipe you used. Nothing pleases a cook more than to have someone tell them that they followed their recipe

• When you can, do acknowledge the source of the recipe you followed. It is not mandatory, but it is a nice thing to do.

For complete details about IFF, please visit: