Indianapolis Vintage Motorcycles

Indianapolis Vintage Motorcycle Group was created in February of 2015 with the Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiast in mind. We're here to engage in the promotion of acquiring, restoring, customizing, collecting, and riding of ALL Vintage motorcycles regardless of age, make, size, or utility!

Based loosely on 60's and 70's vintage motorcycles of any origin, we welcome EVERYONE to bring your passion, enthusiasm, knowledge, experience, and expertise to the group... and share in the friendship, comradery, and joy that motorcycling brings to us all. If you are a novice at this, c'mon in anyway! We will help you to be an expert in NO time.

As with any large group such as IVM, it's prudent to understand that views and opinions will vary. We are staunch supporters of the 1st Amendment, thus we allow and encourage all free thinking and commenting here with minimal to no censorship, so please be kind to your fellow biker when posting.

The Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts of IVM are all a GREAT bunch of folks, so bring your love for two-wheels IN but check your 'tudes at the door, please.

IVM has an OPEN-DOOR POLICY. If ever you have any questions or concerns in or about this group, feel free to contact administration anytime. We'll respond immediately!

IVM vows never to admonish ANY of it's members, so long as any given member doesn't make it impossible for us to decide otherwise.

Welcome ALL! Invite your friends! Glad to have you! Enjoy your stay! :)