Indian Coins Collectors Club

This is a community of people having a passion of Collecting Ind...ian Coins. This forum is created for sharing information about different matters relating to coin collection.

Ours is a group of coin collectors, working for betterment of coin collection by spreading knowledge about coins and related topics.

We also try to inform about various numismatic events (lke coin exhibitions, shows, seminars, conferences, etc.).

-=-=-=- RULES -=-=-=-
1. Try and post in English only
2. No spamming
3. Post only numismatics related articles
4. No misbehaving - don't abuse your freedom of speech
5. Posting of prices/auctions/sales/want list/sites, etc are not allowed. Members would be banned for any commercial activities without notice.
6. Photos posted without any detail, message or both sides will deleted without informing.
7. Self Photograph on profile display is required for new members to join the group. (If photograph is not available then any admin should take responsibility)

NOTE: Administrators of this group reserve the right to DELETE posts and comments that are spam, offensive and personal attacks on others! also removal/ban of members.