Indians in Perth

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3) It doesn't matter which state you are from .. seriously :)
4) Like everywhere else, we do have scammers & unscrupulous characters who will try & take advantage of new migrants, so please be aware & fact check with local authorities on legal info. job related seminars (both free & paid).. if it sounds to good to be true.. it probably is.
5) Reported posts will be shared with authorities in case of serious offences, so please think before you post... there are consequences .. just like in the real world.
6) Have Fun, make new friends, that's what's this all about.
4) Would love to have you in the group, however... you are under no obligation to stay.

Hi Everybody,
This is a group for all Indians, who plan to or have made Perth their Home.An online community to network with each other, make new friends,share information and all the other good things that go with socializing.

Have Fun, don't SPAM and ask your mates to Join :)

Be Nice... Please.

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