Indians in New Jersey

This Group is made with the philosophy To build a network of Indians. Indian Americans, and any one of Indian origin living in New Jersey. Invite all your friends and family who fall in the above criteria to join INDIANS IN NEW JERSEY.

Members can post information or share experiences on travel, tourism, activities, events, guides, photos etc related to USA.


1)As a member of this group you are not allowed to solicit other members for your products, business or services. NO EXCEPTIONS! This is a group for fun lets keep it that way.
2) If you belong to other groups please do not post about them over here. Do not try to segregate the group and try take away members from here. This is not a place to ‘pick up' members for another group.
3) Language of communication: ENGLISH ONLY.
4)Please be courteous to all members. No rudeness, profanities and name calling will be tolerated.
5)Events to be posted ONLY AFTER ADMIN APPROVAL- ONLY in the events section, ONLY ONCE. No multiplicity.

Members please help keep our group 'clean' by either flagging the posts( fastest and anonymous) OR tagging me on posts you don't think belong here.
After a few weeks, I will open the membership of this group to public..and will rely on your help and support to keep this group clean and enjoyable for others.

Liability Waiver: You agree to participate completely at your own risk and understand that you are taking full responsibility for your own safety and well being at all times