Infertility Friends

This page was set up so that any woman suffering through infertility has a place to come and talk or just get support in private. Do to the overwhelming amount of new members asking to join, we do ask that you pm an admin to join.

We welcome you at whatever stage in infertility you are at. It is for those of you are just starting all the way to those who are closing the book on trying. We will not turn you away once you get your BFP, in fact, you are the encouragement for others, the hope to continue on. For that reason we do ask for baby bump photos and ultrasounds. We want to be a part of the whole journey. We are sisters in infertility.

Please note that all admins are Christian and look to The Lord in times of need. We openly pray in for each other, share bible verses, and refer to The Bible as our guidance. You do not need to be Christian to be part of our group. We welcome everybody of every faith, just realize that we support life, each other and you and that is what we expect out of you.

Once a member, please take a look through the "files" section for guidelines and other useful files. Welcome!