Infinite Crisis Forever!!

Information about the group, goals and rules:

Hello fellow protectors!! this is the 1st fan page for the up and coming MOBA Infinite Crisis!! here we can discuss, post photos, talk about what ever DC or IC related!Our group is varied in age groups, we've got newer players and experienced veterans! All skill levels are represented. Many of us are looking to expand our play groups and to progress further in this new game and just in general skill level!

The goals of ICF:

1) Progress the IC community
2) Play games and meet new friends, HAVE FUN
3) Build a cohesive, friendly environment for IC members
4) Introduce new members, teach and practice Infinite Crisis on all levels.
5) expand our knowledge of the DC universe!

The Rules:

1) Harassment: It's not allowed any kind of harassment from insults to discrimination and others, people that harass will be warned, if they keep showing harassment they will be banned.

2) Pornography: It's not allowed to post, link or comment any kind of pornography, that includes DC related pornography, warning will be sent to the posters/commenters, if the person keeps doing the same, will be banned.

3) Spam and not related promotioning: it's not allowed to market, promote, advertise or solicit products or services for sale or trade. You may not post advertisements for websites that are not directly related to Infinite Crisis. This will make the BanHammer splat you forever.

4) Shaming: Shaming a player or a poster here in the group is not allowed, that includes not showing any kinf of screenshots of privates messages that might start bigger discusions.

5)Score Cards Screenshots: People will from now share their screenshots of their games, but if one of them is calling directly a group of players for whatever happened in the match and the score shows it, it will be deleted but before that a warning will be sent to the poster.

6)Trading code: will no be allowed here and post where people ask for codes (a.k.a Beg for Codes) will have their post deleted an aswell a warning will be sent to the poster, if the person does it multiple times it will probably get banned.

We now have a Twitter