This group is for anyone interested in the insects (not spiders, scorpions or centipedes please) of the Indian subcontinent. It is part of DiversityIndia which also includes the groups that specialize in moths and dragonflies for which this group may not be ideal. Visit for details. Although the predominant usage is for the identification of images from the field, collection oriented entomologists are encouraged to request/share information/images. Please do not expect identification to species. Please do not attempt identification from Internet image searches. Experts on the forum tend to be aware of problems with identification and will be conservative in their identification. Please ensure that you have the right to share any images that you post. Please do not infringe copyrights and do report any violations. Note that this group is not for insect trade and Indian laws only allow controlled movement of specimens for scientific research purposes. Note that you may be unsubscribed if your mobile/computer appears to be compromised or automatically posting links or notices.