Instagram All Stars

***Please do not post links to your business opportunity here, we are all business professionals and this group is to teach others how to gain Instagram traffic and sales engagement ***

However, Feel free to ask questions, post learnings, video sharing of important lessons... you get the idea.

If you have an Instagram training course PLEASE RUN IT BY ME 1ST BEFORE POSTING HERE!!

If you auto tweet/spam unrelated tweets to this group, I will remove it. You can adjust those settings ya know ;) - Also, if you want to put on a group event - webinar - training, etc, please reach out to me first. Do NOT just spam affiliate links via events. You will be removed.

ANY AND ALL SPAM OR LINKS TO BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES WILL BE REMOVED (And please don't try to be sly and PM that info, I WILL find out!) Be respectful please!

Thanks, Tar'Lese