Instinctive Archery - USA/ Canada

Instinctive Archery - USA/ Canada is an established (2011) part ...of the FB archery community and I'm glad to say that its character IS being made what it is by YOU, our members!
Instinctive Archery - USA/ Canadais a forum for (Instinctive) Archery, welcoming new and experienced archers alike.

This group is filled with joyful instinctive archers who enjoy Instinctive Shooting, roving/stumpin', 3D Parcours, talking, and all that is related to archery.

Please use common sense, be respectful and understanding that not everyone sees things your way.
Have fun and shoot straight!

Please start your stay here by reading the forum charter. We have some rules. Thank you!
English is the main language in this forum please - we have members from all over Europe(the globe) smile emoticon and want everyone to be able to participate in discussions. NO hunting photos or discussion.

Please feel free to contact the Admins with any questions you might have.

Uwe P. Tesch (Founder and Publisher of the Instinctive Archery Magazine)

The publisher and admins reserve the right to delete posts without comment, or publish articles, photos elsewhere. This also applies to links.
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