FCES 16' - Insurance (1st term ) and Life insurance ( 2nd term)

Students' Council Structure:
President: Hisham Abouelmagd
Vice President : Hesham Saber
Vice President : Saleh Hosny
Third Year Representative for Cairo & Zayed : Mustafa Yassien

- This "Insurance & Life Insurance" group is made to make the educational process for this course easier and more systematic for you. Also the timetable of the Insurance lectures will be available here on this group.

*Course contents:
1) Insurance:
-Nature of Insurance
-Insurance Contracts
-Buying Insurance and settling Claims
-The Liability Risk
-Business Property and Liability Insurance

2) Life Insurance:
-Types of Insurance
-The Insurance Contract
-Loss Adjustment
-Life Insurance and Annuities
-Health Insurance
-Mathematics of Life Insurance
-Gross Premiums

- The group's system:-
-The materials will be uploaded on this group by the 3rd Year Group Representatives.
If you have any questions or inquiries about Insurance (1st term ) and Life insurance ( 2nd term) you can ask here on the group's wall.
-This group will contain all the (PDF files, slides, quizzes and any information about our subject, and it's managed by FCES Students' Council.

- Code of ethics:
-Please don't post anything unrelated to the college and won't help your colleagues.
-Posting and/or commenting about these topics (Religion, Politics or Sex), Or even fighting with each others, will put you in a real fix. Accordingly, you will be:
1) Warned.
2) Get removed from the group.
And a higher authority will be notified about what happened, which may lead to dismissal from the faculty.

Third Year Reps.
FCES Students' Council