Intermission Ltd.

Since 1994, Intermission Ltd. has been a collective of like mind...ed Underground Archaeologists, as Promoters and Performers our mission has always been a simple one: to save the Planet Earth one party, and one dance floor at a time. We specialize in the research and preservation of Underground Electronic Dance Culture with the goal of enhancing your modern day dance floor experience.

Since the launch of the label in October 2008, the label's sonic spectrum of sound encompasses techno, progressive techno, tech house and minimal with plans to expand into the universe of ambient and experimental music with planned releases to the catalog beginning in the fall of 2012.

The long list of producers and DJs affiliated with the label includes a mix of long time scene veterans with some of the hottest up and coming talent from around the world..

Andrei Morant (USA), Andrew Kirchner (USA), Angel Alanis (USA), Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N. (UK), Apple Juice (Croatia), ATOM (USA), Carlo Passamonti (Italy), Castor & Pollux (USA), Chris Allen (USA), Cosmic JD (Canada), DK-1 (USA), Dose the Alien (USA), Droid Beats (USA), Fer BR (Spain), Forrest Avery (USA), Frankie Pep (USA), Gruvbot (USA) Jamie Lavender (USA), John Lagora (Germany), Jordan Vesteyo (USA), Juniper (USA), Kevin Over aka Comaton (Germany), KJ Sawka (USA), Laura Illux (USA), Lori J Ward (Canada), Makai (UK), Matthias Springer AKA MFS (Germany), Matty Irish (USA), Mekanikall Lab (France), Michael Lambart (Germany), Mike Parker (USA), Nick Jagger (USA), NoToMash (Poland), Phanton (Germany), Precious Roy (USA), Richard Morykon (USA), Sean Android (USA), Sean Place (USA), Space One (USA), Soren LaRue (USA), Spoony D (USA), Summer Zeritonga (USA), Subforce (USA), Subway Baby (Sweden), T. Orlando (Canada), The Giver (USA), Tony Dee (USA), Vikte (UK), Vision (USA), Voodoopreister (Germany) and Wyrus and Ivica Petak (Croatia).

A documentary film featuring the label and it's artists is currently in full production. Since filming began back in September of 2011, Director Daniel Naman has massed countless hours of HD footage as he relentlessly follows and captures the label's recording artists on location while performing at night clubs, underground raves and music festivals.

at home behind the scenes, in the studio while they work and at live performances at clubs, music festivals and underground raves. Teaser clips of the project can be seen our Youtube Page ( Until the project's scheduled completion and release in 2013, updated mini clips of the film's progress shares with the viewer a small glimpse into the world of Intermission Ltd.

Advanced tracks arriving worldwide thru:
Beatport, SatelliteRecords, JunoDownload, Stompy & BeatsDigital.

P.L.U.M (Peace, Love, Unity & Movement)
Dose the Alien/Sean Place @ Intermission Ltd


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