International Aviation Photographers

This group was started by Jimmy Babinski in California. Our goal is to be well known around the aviation world, to share the wonderful world of flight with everyone. Most of our members are photographers with a common interest, and we see things through the lenses of our cameras. Welcome to the group, and please feel free to your own photographs, comment on photographs that are already on the group, and recommend the group to friends

This is a open group for anyone who is interested in aviation, but there are a few simple guidelines we need everyone to stick to so that we all enjoy the group:

* Photos and videos only please:
- no adverts, no selling, non-aviation topics, no politics, religion or derogatory comments
- no general news items, not even aviation news
- no flight sim videos/screenshots
- no jobs, courses, etc
- "like my page" is OK as long as you share a photo with us in the same post (see below)

* You must own the copyright to and respect the copyright of photos and videos posted to the group:
- no copying / sharing from other sites or pages unless you are copyright holder or you have permission from the original photographer
- no sharing of photos posted on this group without asking the photographer first

We sometimes get posts that just say "please visit / like my facebook page / website / flickr page" etc. We have no problem with you drawing attention to your aviation pages, but making "please like" posts adds nothing to this group. We don't want the group to become a list of links to other pages. We welcome you sharing a picture from your own facebook page / website / flickr page on this group. When you share a picture, in the same post, you are welcome to include a comment saying something like "please take a look at / like my facebook / website / flickr page". You can include a link in the comments so our members can click on the link and go straight to your page. But your post should share a photo or video from the page you want to people to look at, so that we continue to get new and interesting content here. If you want to do this but don't know how, ask one of us - Jimmy, Sandy, Mark or myself - and we'll explain. Simple "please like my page" messages posted without sharing a picture are likely to be deleted.

We're not an aviation chat group, we're not an aviation news group, and we're not a group for adverts. We are sympathetic to good causes but if you want to post anything except photos or videos (which can include a link to your own page) and comments on photos already on the group, please message one of us admins first and we'll make a judgement on whether it'll be OK!

We occasionally get members who don't want follow our rules. Sorry, but if you thinks the rules don't apply to you then you are likely to be removed from the group. To avoid the group being spammed, we also reserve the right not to add people who have no evidence of any interest in aviation in their profile.

Jimmy, Sandy, Mark and Andy