● To defend the Sovereignty of the Russian Federation.

● To develop friendship and understanding with the Russian people.

● To support Russia's record in working towards a multi-polar world.

● To support the current legitimate authority of the Russian Federation under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin.

● To honour the recent democratic restoration of the Crimean Peninsula into the Russian Federation.

● To celebrate Russian culture (music, art, literature, film, cuisine, architecture, Orthodoxy and geographic diversity).

● To celebrate the Russian people past & present; historical figures, heroes and, most importantly, the common man & woman.

● To support Russia as a country with a rich patriotic and revolutionary tradition and identity; i.e. The Russian Empire, Soviet Russia and the Russian Federation.

● To promote an understanding of the historic, economic, engineering, scientific and technological achievements of Russia.



● Please conduct yourself in a manner that is respectful to yourself and others.

● Russia-bashing will not be tolerated.

● We welcome critical discussions and understand they can get heated at times; however, rude and hostile attacks on other members is not allowed.

● Attacks on the Orthodox Church and religious, racial and ethnic hate-mongering will not be tolerated.

● Russia has a rich historic and political heritage and comments directed towards the leaders of Russia (past and present) will be kept on a tight leash.

● Western-centrism and chauvinistic arrogance from whatever place in the political spectrum will be kept on a tight leash.

● Self-promotion is banned. This means that commercial links, dating requests and collecting friends are not permitted.



● Please contribute videos, photographs, art, cartoons, media-links & topics for discussion; these topics should be directly related to Russia.

● Some items that are not directly related to Russia will be considered if they are of special interest.

● Please ask your friends to join! Everyone is welcome, but special attention is given to non-Russian people for engaging in educational dialogue on the nature, challenges, limitations and successes of Russia. However, please know that native Russians are also very much welcomed!

●To our Russian & Russian-speaking friends:
Due to the advantage of language, you have a special insight into Russia, so please help us non-Russian and non-Russian speaking people to understand Russia; help translate things into English from articles, YouTube videos etc, that you think may be of interest.