International Glass Open Market

Welcome to the IGOM (Int'l Glass Open Market)! We are the international sister site to the first-ever, *original* lampwork glass group on Facebook, showcasing the world's finest international glass artists and their spectacular glass art for purchase since 2015! This is a fun, positive and respectful place for both artists and buyers who love, purchase and collect unique lampwork beads and other off- mandrel glass art.

If you have any questions about our group, please feel free to check out our Files section for information on how to host a show, how to purchase, which artists we have lined up for shows:

We encourage both sellers and buyers to please read our RULES so they are informed about our group and how it works.

Enjoy our group... and if you wish to see more amazing glass artists, please check out our sister group at:

Have fun and thanks for joining us!!

The Admins of IGOM!