International Jobs In Korea

2015/ 02/ 21 ★★★ Caution - Important
Note Fraud..
Unreliable job information is being posted. Depositing money, providing any personal information, or going abroad for overseas employment may be very dangerous..
Never should do so..
It could be used in crime, even trafficking. Please note false employment information . We will try to provide reliable job information in Korea .. 2015/ 02/ 03
I'm sorry for the delay. But I think it’ll be available in February, earlier this month. Now we are testing it. We will publish it ASAP.
I hope we could share useful and reliable information of international jobs in this community.
Thank you.. We prepare for opening a web site for jobs in Korea and we will advertise it in Korea. Employers in Korea will post employment information at the web site and also they will find out employees they want to hire. So if you become a member of the site, you will have more opportunity to find jobs in Korea. We hope that we can share useful information about jobs in Korea at this group and the web site. Thank you..