International Photographers Alliance, IPA

A true alliance for photographers regardless of brand, color, digital, or analog to share their passion, work and art with the rest.

Rather than exclude brands we welcome all as we all stand to learn from the strengths and weaknesses of each system....By now we have most figured out that not one camera or one specific system can do it all perfect.

Please post your pictures and share your knowledge with your fellow members. Group membership is by invitation and admin approval.

Please post up to TWO (2) images a day to keep the share of traffic fair and be sure to include the camera brand, model and lens that you have used as well as the location, simply so that others might benefit from your experience and setup.

All posts and comments should be in English please.

NO SPAM or Solicitations allowed. Posts that are not relevant to this Group and it's purpose will be removed.

Incomplete posts or posts that lack quality and artistic value may be removed without any further notice.

Comments on other peoples Images though not mandatory are encouraged and appreciated.

Photo Critiques:
If you would like to have your photo critiqued by other members, please post "Critique Requested" along with the lens, camera, location. This will allow other IPA members an opportunity to give you feedback which might assist your next photoshoot.

Welcome and Happy Shooting and Posting!!!!

Spyro Zarifopoulos

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GROUP ADMINS (in order of group induction )

Spyro Zarifopoulos
Effi Amouris
Gunnar Johnsen
Ernie Blarinckx
Henry Wang
Hari Subramanyam
Fatima Salcedo
Spyro Demertzis