International Red Lover Friends

...................=Rules and Policy=.............

1) Forbidden to post gross pictures.
2) Do not post scary pictures,..
3) Forbidden to post about insulting religion
4) Do not comment about sex topic.
5) Avoid fight or virbal exchanges..
6) respect each other...
7) have the freedom to use thier oun languages
8) have the freedom to leave if you feel not comfortable with the group
9) consider the term Parental Guidance ( PG )for the minor age
10) unite,enjoy,friendship,my friend is your friend...
11)post from boy's or girl's must treat balance....
12) don't post bad joke
13 ) welcome the new member's on your own way with respect...
14 ) Any pictures or video contain nudity, pornography, racist remarks or advertisement shall not be published in this group. It Will be deleted and the member who posted it will be banned from the group permanently.

15) Do Not use inappropriate language or behave rudely toward other members. If you want to argue or debate about something, TAKE IT TO INBOX!
16) Being Fair to our group mate is needed..

First of all,i would like to greet you all a pleasant welcome to our honor that all of you is here.
My name is Lorie Pagador Bolinas -creature of this group ( red lover ) from Philippines..

By:// Admin Leader:// red lover.......""
And Group admin Lorie P. Bolinas,
Melody Bolinas
Sara P.Bolinas .
Eirol P.Bolinas
and bjorie Jorie