Internet Marketing Queens

WOMEN only please. No PORN. Post your ads, opportunities, ideas, tips, brilliance, and fun about internet marketing, network marketing, online marketing, MLM and life! Share this group with all of your lady friends. Know that we, Internet Marketing Queens, are *SUPERSTARS*!!

Is this group SEXIST? Well, I suppose, yes.
I created this group for Women so that we can have a place where we feel safe from Prowlers. Nothing against good, honest, kind men, still, the internet is crawling with a lot of unsavory people, many of whom are men. Internet Marketing Queens is a safe and supportive group for entrepreneurial females, where we need not have concerns that someone is on the prowl for us. ♥ Let's help eachother succeed in a supportive, honest, helpful, successful, and safe environment! I'm rooting for you, Ladies!