Invercargill Whinge

This is a Wah Wah whinge venting page for the great citizens of ...Invercargill. It's a friendly page, don't take it too seriously.
Expect feedback.

Some rules:

*Whingeing about people Whingeing on a Whinge page is considered trolling. Trolls can fuck off.

*No tagging friends without commenting, no commenting only to the follow post.

*No dodgy screenshots, it's easy to doctor the text of a Webpage and screenshot it, therefore all screenshots will be screened and those deemed fake will be deleted.

*No community posts or requests, this is a Whinge page, go to Invercargill Buy Sell or Trade or dozen other similar pages if you're not whingeing.

*No name and shame. Public figures are excluded.

Happy whingeing.