Irish eSport & Gaming Community

This group is for all Irish (North and South) Gamers and eSport ...enthusiasts who wish to be part of a growing and dynamic community. Discussion is not limited to one game or game type, so feel free to discuss your favourite MOBA, FPS, TCG etc

We have a large capacity Teamspeak server that is open to all members of this group. If you require a channel set up for your team, please contact an admin who will be happy to help.
*Server Address*:

Please only make one post advertising your stream and from that point on edit and bump it each time you are streaming. This measure has been taken to reduce notification spam. Multiple posts regarding the same stream will be deleted.

*Linking Videos*
If you're linking a video, please add a description of what it is in the post. Videos linked with just a URL in the comment area will be removed. The purpose of this is to create context and discussion while minimising spam.

Our website is always being updated and you can find it at

It is against the policy of this group for anyone to advertise trading/selling/buying or to promote events not run by this group without first contacting one of the community mangers. If you wish to advertise a competition or promote your personal or organistion fan page, you should first reach out to an admin. Post made in the group without being admin approved before hand will be deleted without warning. This is to prevent excessive spam, to protect our members from illegal activity as well allowing us to properly deal with any such requests to be treated in a proper and fair manner.

All posts in the group should be in English so as to be understood by the majority of our users and also so that the group moderators are able to moderate fairly in a language they understand. Any posts made in a language other than English are subject to deletion without warning.

We try to have a relaxed atmosphere towards general rules in the group, however please note that will not allow that position to be abused. Please refrain from the use of excessively vulgar language, sexist/homophobic/racist language.

If you feel the need to report anyone of a post, there is a report to admin option on all posts that you can click on which will alert all admins.

We retain the right to update this pages rules and guidelines without notice, in the aim of safeguarding the community.

Thanks for taking the time to read and please, enjoy the group! :)