Islam vs kufr

As-Salamu 'Alaykum (Peace be upon you)! Welcome to Islam vs kufr

This is a free-speech group. Rules are detailed below:

1. Overt bad language = 1 week ban

2. ANY racist language is banned

3. No Porn

4. No spamming/trolling

5. Blocking the Admin/s will get you an instant ban. (and reported to Facebook)

6. If you consistently post more then 3 times without defending your posts, you will be removed from this group

7. User ID's less than 6 months old will be booted immediately, unless due to special circumstances (which are communicated with the admins)

8. Methods of prevention against any activity which may potentially jeopardize the integrity of the group will be left up to the admin/s to decide

The Admin/s have the final say in all circumstances.