Central Virginia Online Flea Market

OUR LOCATION - This Online Group Cover's Sales for the state of VA. In Louisa, Culpeper, Orange, Madison, & Surrounding Areas. - OUR RULES - *Do not post more then 3 listings a week, unless you list under one listing or create a album. If you create a album, please delete your individual post. *Please remember to delete your sold listings. If you do not know how to, please comment a admins name and we will help you. *No fighting, Harassment, Bullying, drama. If someone ask you to leave them alone, or stop commenting "do it". People Come Here To Sell Stuff, & Make Money. Not to be made fun of, or attacked about what they are selling. We have zero tolerance for cyber bullying, aka cyber stalking, all defined as Cyber Harassment. Harassment is illegal, It's against Facebook policy, & this groups rules.
* If you don't have something nice to say, it's best to say nothing at all.
*Only comment on post if you are a serious inquirer. *Only comment on post with "post related comments"
*Private message all personal contact information.
* Please keep in mind when pricing a item; would you pay that much for the item. Keep it at a reasonable price! "Responsible as in no more then it's actual worth, or cheap & free" Some exceptions may be made. Example - (I would not pay $500.00 for a full-blooded dog, I don't care about its bloodlines but some people would pay that much because that's what it is worth. Since it's bloodlines are worth $500.00 I'll sell my dog for $500.00 ecs. )
* Please keep bumping to twice a week. *PLEASE do not post the same item twice, if you can not find your item to bump ask a admin to help! * WE DO NOT ALLOW PERSONAL BUSINESSES POST (31, SCENTSY, MYITWORKS, AVON, ECT) With the exception of one album created by a admin titled Small Business AD's This is where bushiness contents can not be sold, but small buisness's can display their business card, or website address, & request that someone pm them for more information about products, services, ecs... * Buy all items at your own risk. This group & it's admins do their best to monitor this group, & all of it's content. Nothing is full proof! Buyer's assume all liability, & responsibilities. However Let us know of any complications, we will access the complaint & act reasonably.
*If You see it at a yard sale, a farmers market, a flea market you can sell it. (Except Illegal, & Offensive Content) I'm often amazed at the stuff sold in yard sales! Keep it clean people! *(Buyer Beware) I advise all buyer's to beware of all item's for sale, & people. Meet people at your own risk, & educate yourself on buying yard sale / used items before you buy. Remember Buyer's Assume all risk, liability responsibilities. * Inform a admin of scams, spam, & violation's of the groups rules.
Miah Jacobs is the creator of this group, she like all admins have families & Jobs. We are doing the best we can to make this a happy, safe, peaceful, productive group for all its members.