Its All Hair Hawaii

A place where Local Stylist, Braiders, Make-up Artist, Barbers, and Nail Technicians can truly display their work without many limits or restriction. Customers and potential clients can inquiry about services, products, and research their potential style or Stylist without bias intent or prejudice. Black hair or White hair, Weaves or Hair Extensions, Braids or Dreads, Natural or Processed IT’S ALL HAIR in HAWAII

Potential Clients and Customers we welcome your business and interest, this page and group was created to provide information to establish a connection, view potential Stylist, Make-Up Artist, Beauticians, Nail Technicians, Braider's Work and Services. This Group is not held responsible for the actions or incidents of any member's private cosmetology service, let this be known that you must choose wisely and make a decision that is in your best interest.

Potential Stylist, Beauticians, Make Up Artist, Braiders, Barbers, and Nail Technicians this Group or page is not liable or legally responsible for any mishaps with your own established businesses or services. Please minimize your post to one post a day and be respectful to other's craft and or profession all side bar conversations that are negative should not be posted on this site or group, Always be the professionals you claim and aspire to be. Post as many pictures as you like but only in a photo album. Multiple responses on an already existing post is okay. If a client gets disrespectful alert me and the client will be notified and if continued removed because drama free is what this group is all about. This group doesn't care if your clients are of any particular Race, Religions, Political affiliation, and Sexual persuasion, all post should be about the Cosmetology field and a notification if not related. Natural or Processed Hair we want to welcome it all....

Potential Vendors and Individuals outside of the Cosmetology field please be advised of the true nature of this group, and all products, event promotion, sales representatives, advertisers, and entrepreneurs the members of this group are not held liable for your products and services promoted or sponsored. All product promotions, sales, event promotions, advertisements, entrepreneurs will be allowed to post Once a daily and please be mindful how many times you Bump because the page is mainly for Clients and Professionals Licensed or Unlicensed to promote their work so be respectful.