Its for the CHILDREN *FREE or TRADE*

Welcome to the It's for the CHILDREN giving group. It's a fact that it takes a village to raise a child. With the economic tough times, we'd hate for any child to go without. This is a place where we can post items to and donate for families with children that are in need. Also, we can offer information about free events, assistance, and offer our professional services either free or on a barter. Feel free to ask others for items that you are in need of as well. Keep in mind that this is for CHILDREN / TEENS only. God bless you all that contribute to the well being our children...of our future!!


1- Since this group is not based in any particular part of the valley, be sure to post the area where you are located (Henderson, Eastside, Summerlin, etc). Be sure to make arrangements with whom you are giving an item to or collecting an item from. Meeting at a public location is always the safest.

2- No business posts. UNLESS you are offering FREE services to children.

3- Please delete your items as they are gone! If you cannot find your item use the search option next to notifications on the bar at the top of this page, or ask for help. Phones usually do not have this option.

4-NO SELLING. There are plenty of sites where you are able to sell your items, but this site is not one of them. Everything is to be offered for FREE or TRADE.

JUST SO WE ARE ALL CLEAR: anyone that causes arguments or is mistreating someone on this site will be removed and wont be allowed back. We are not here to judge others, and are only here to help.