Garden city, Michigan... Sales and trade (garage sale)

Please read ALL
* 1 PICTURE PER POST. Additional pictures can be added in the comments. Your listing will be deleted if you do not fix. We will ask ONE time for you to make corrections. If it becomes an issue you will be removed from the group for a period of time.

*ISO- All must go under the pinned post. If they are posted on wall they will be deleted without warning.

* NO DOUBLES. If you have multiple pictures, PLEASE post them in the comments of one picture. You will be asked ONE TIME to remove doubles. If it becomes an issue, you will be removed from the group for a period of time. If it continues, you will be removed permanently.

* PLACE DESCRIPTIONS IN CAPTION. Please don't put it in the comments. If you choose to upload a group of photos, each one needs its OWN caption. Include general location, price, size if necessary, condition, if it is listed on other sites, etc. If you do not have a description and price listed on your item(s), they will be removed. If your items are posted multiple places, please keep the price the same.

* NO OVERPRICING. Yes, your items are new. Selling them for $10 more then retail is unacceptable. If you are caught overpricing new items, your post will be deleted without warning. If it happens again, you will get ONE warning then banned and reported.

* BUMPING is permitted every 2 days. Bumping will push your items back to the top of the wall to allow for better exposure. We want everyone to have a chance to get their items seen, so please be courteous. No more then 15 items a day, and no more then 10 items bumped a day.

*COMMENT "INTERESTED"- when you would like a certain item. Asking questions does not hold your place.

* RESPOND. Sellers AND buyers both, please give one another a chance to respond. Not everyone attends to Facebook every moment of everyday! Please be patient.

* REMOVE YOUR PHOTOS. Once your item has been sold, please delete them or tag an admin to delete for you.

* NO GARAGE SALE PHOTOS on the page wall. Too many get uploaded and then they don't get removed, which makes this very difficult for your admins. PLEASE post your photos in the "Garage Sales" album. If you need help, there is a file on how to load photos from a mobile device, or please PM an admin. for help.

* ALBUMS. If you choose to create your own album, you MUST have 10 or more items and post regularly. PLEASE INCLUDE your name AND location in the TITLE of the album. If you are not adding and removing your items regularly, please use the albums created by the admin to sell your items. They will be bumped regularly by admin. YES, you can add to albums via mobile using a browser instead of the FB app. Additional info. can be found in the Files section.

-Recalled items
-Drop side cribs
-Car seats if you are not including exp. date. They will be removed
-No designer purses/shoes (Coach, Prada, MK, etc), as there is no real way to authenticate
-No Formula