Joining Community Forces - Colorado

JCF is a voluntary military/community cooperative partnership organized to allow service providers to engage in multi-service networking to assist with connecting Service Members, Veterans and their families to local military and/or community resources.

The Joining Community Forces mission is to build resilience and foster a support network that is sustainable and relevant for VMFs in the 54 States and Territories by maximizing the national and community resources and partnerships (civilian and military). Joining Community Forces will also strengthen preexisting ISFACs across the United States by leveraging state generated content, best practices, and training while guiding community leaders and local commanders on how to establish and sustain collaborative community, state and regional JCF teams.

The Joining Community Force’s vision is to present a single entry point for goods and service providers interested in collaborating with other national and local civic-minded entities in support of veterans, military members, and their families (VMFs) in their communities.