JDM Buy, Sell and Trade


Members can use JDMBST to showcase their Sales, Trades or Wanteds to the world.

Terms and Conditions.

0.0 INFORMATION ON ITEM MUST BE POSTED. If you fail to give sufficient information the post will be deleted.

Sufficient information includes:
- Description of item
- Condition
- Location
- Price

1.0 All members are prohibited from selling or requesting drugs.

1.1 All members are prohibited from selling or requesting stolen goods.

1.2 Threats and abuse is prohibited.

1.3 All members must abide by JDMBST Terms and Conditions.

1.4 Anyone wanting to post business links or direct traffic must report to Jaden Martin first.

1.5 Members are prohibited from trading at retail prices.

1.6 Members are prohibited from selling Updates/Converted cars/Plates and Tags.

1.7 Excessive bumping is prohibited.
There is a Maximum of 4 bumps per hour

1.8 Members cannot post multiples of the same post on JDMBST and there are limitations to how much space on the wall we will allow you to use.

1.9 No FAKE accounts. Are to be used within JDMBST. All fake accounts will be deleted by our administrators.

If your application for JDMBST is rejected multiple times it could be that the name of you account is not suitable. We prefer real names, not alias's. Nick names are accepted within reason.

2.0 Any member caught scamming others will be banned.

2.1 Our administrators have the rights to remove any post, comment or link they believe to be breaching the JDMBST Terms and Conditions.

2.2 All members must follow Facebook community standards.
Here is the link:

2.3 If you breach Facebook terms and conditions our administrators reserve the right to remove your membership.
Heres the link:

2.4 If you post an item for sale/trade or request wanted without stating your location, your post will be removed and you will be banned

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change.

Disclaimer: JDMBST group, JDMBST Administrators and Sponsors are not liable for any trades made. By requesting a membership you agree to all Terms and Conditions.

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