This page group is for the exclusive use of Julian Assange & The... Wikilieaks (internet session band) lineup. For those members already in the lineup, and all those that will eventually join.

I would like to see this grow into the largest session band in the world that covers and fuses all genres, and, I'm hoping that the band members will take the lead on the other projects, like the Chain Tunes Project, the Quirky Karaoke Project, and establishing a the world record for the largest number of artists working on a single song--just a gimmick, but a gimmick that has the potential to grab publicity!

Can all band members please gradually post all your links on this page; your youtube posts, your RN posts, Soundcloud, etc., ect. You will begin to see how being a part of the Julian Assange lineup will benefit your individual projects; the x-promotion that will take place between the whole band, and the x-rpromotion that will taek place between members.

The audience you reach will expand no end because of this, because each member will reach the audience of all the other members, as well as the audience built up around the Julian Assange band itself.

Over the next few months, I will build up all the needed connections for you, and I will be sending out tunes I've received so far for other members to work on, as well as working on them myself. To get started, I will add your RN players to the page, and I will be promoting your links a lot :)


Ste Van Horne

Pictured at the top of the group (some members are hidden from view) is the lineup, so far :) More members will be joining! For artists who have no concept of boundaries! Looking for more artists, of both musical and none musical persuasion, to join the lineup, but they must have the ability to think outside the box, throw the rule book out of the window, and have the kind of eyes that never travel through tunnels :) Ste Van Horne

I see any opportunity that presents itself as a way of opening another window for the Julian Assange lineup, and I will aggressively seek out those opportunities once things kick into gear! That's part of the idea of working together as a kind of session band--it's a way of bringing wider public attention to each of the individual artists involved. The promotion goes both ways, between the individual artists involved and the Wikileaks band has a whole, and between the individual artists involved also.

Organized and coordinated correctly, there will be a cumulative effect; that is a major purpose of putting this lineup together; As thngs progress, I know it's going to make a huge difference (as far as reaching a much wider audience is concerned) for all of us--I have a defnite strategy in mind, which will become clearer over time :)