JWildfire Open Group

Welcome to the JWildfire Open Group on Facebook.
Our goal is to create a friendly place for sharing ideas about flame fractals and the free JWildfire software. You can even influence the further development of the software here.

Please Post only JWildfire artwork in here, some compositing is fine, as long as there is a mainly JWF created theme to your images.

Speaking of Posting... We are a ZERO SPAM group!

Meaning, one sales pitch, or link to something spammy... BAM You're gone... For good!
If you have something important or interesting to post, that isn't relating to JWildfire... Ask an Admin first =D

Oh, and if you find something here you like and would like to use it for your personal projects outside this group, be nice and ask the creator for permission. This includes anything we share here, like images, flame parameters, scripts, tutorials... In most cases we will react just easy about this, as we are an open group, but on the other side we will be really pissed off if our content is used without our permission.

Tweaks are cool once they're sufficiently reworked to create a fresh take of the original... Or have little, if any, resemblance of it...

In order to achieve an unobjectionable tweak, you need to manipulate the transforms, the variations within transforms, add 1 or more finals, modify lighting and coloring; change perspective and other camera settings, move triangles around, replace some transforms; apply focal gamma, use Xaos or different options of it if it’s already present; etc, etc.

Tweaks must not be obtained by just modifying post-symmetry, using an overwriter script or mutagen alone. If you do use a script, credit its author as well as the originator of the image you’re tweaking, but you need to tweak it as well, following the above guidelines. Same story with mutagen.

Credit needs only be given to the last originator, (in any line of heritage) on tweaks, tutorials and scripts, unless you used more than one to achieve your results. But ALWAYS give credit when you use them!

* And the golden rule of etiquette: --in business, at the dinner table, at the barbershop and elsewhere, including our JWildfire groups and forum-- is "never talk about religion or politics".

Please remember these guidelines at all times!

If you're new to JWildfire... Ask anyone in the group, we've all been there and we are just dying to help YOU get going!

Enjoy! =D