Java Programming

This group is to share ideas on Java and help each other on Java related stuffs

Java has emerged as one of the most popular and majorly used technology internationally in development. It is the most commonly used programming language to develop software applications for customers. Java development is done in the presence of multiple essential elements i.e. known as the environment. This Java run time environment is also known as private run time. The Java Development Kit and Software Development Kit are provided to users by most software development companies for effective development purposes.

As a programming language Java has some basic goals like:

1. It should be open source and platform independent.
2. It should attain high performance and produce quality work.
3. It should be interpreted, stringed or threaded and should be dynamic also.
4. The program should carry attributes like simplicity, familiarity and object orientation.
5. Program should be secure.

This group is for all the Java lovers. This forum serves sole purpose, which is its user's discussion forum.

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