Group Guidelines:

If you want to learn javascript use google or our link and document collection called "Resources for learning Javascript".

Please post in English only. If you want to post links with another language, you must translate into English.

No Spam, no illegal content, and no content that has nothing to do with JavaScript. Also, bear in mind that this group is for JavaScript, NOT Java.

If you have any problems/questions, ASK, and give a specific description of your problem. That means that you have to form whole, understandable sentences. (Do NOT merely post general queries such as: "can anyone help me?" or " for prob....." or similar.) Someone here will probably be able to help you, when time permits.

Please DON’T write only in UPPERCASE.

No job requests. Please make a new group for jobs and post it there.

If you wish to show us source code, do NOT paste it here. Instead, for JavaScript/HTML/CSS examples, use, or (Similar tools you creates live examples are allowed too. Pastebin, gisthub or something else are not made for). These are excellent tools for sharing simple JavaScript examples, allowing others to examine your code and identify possible problems with it. With such tools you can create live examples.

If you have source code to share--a new function, for instance--please use This tool is great because it offers syntax highlighting, line numbers, and code indentation. All you need to do is specify the correct language. However, please make sure your examples work before sharing them.

This purpose of this group is not to provide you with a tutorial: if you need that sort of thing, Google is your friend and can provide you with a wealth of resources.

As with any forum, it is good etiquette to search BEFORE you post a question: odds are that you’re not the first person to ask it, and you can probably learn a lot just by reading what others have had to say about it. Doing this regularly will very often save you the trouble of posting.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the deletion of the offending post, as well as a reminder to review these guidelines. If a user persists in ignoring the guidelines, he or she will be removed from the group.

JavaScript programming.
JavaScript packages, Prototype,, jQuery...
AJAX methodologies.
Browser Compatibility
W3C standards