I Love Java


For anybody who joined this Java group should know that we have rules in here.
The rules are very simple to follow & they are meant to benefit all of us, violating them may lead to penalty(Deletion of posts or even permanent ban!). The rules reads:

1. Posts must be about Java, Android, Scala, Any Java related language or Computer Science.

2. No Spam, Job adverts or any other adverts.

3. No religious, political, nationalistic, sexist, homophobic, bigotry or anything regarded inappropriate.

4. Posts are in English language only.

5. If you are novice, don't be afraid to ask - there are no stupid questions.

6. Before you ask, use Google and read your Java textbook, and the Java API.

7. Do not ask people to do your assignment rather we only help you to do it

8. Be friendly and diplomatic.

9. Make your question clear and precise. Post your code through pastebin.com and give the error message.

10. When answering a question, be sure to give correct answer.

11. Do not share copyrighted apps, code or any other stuff.

12. The goal of this group is not to promote your own blog or software.

13. Do not ask a new question in a thread - start a new thread.

14. Avoid trolling.

15. Do not duplicate threads.

16. Please avoid posts denigrating other languages, IDEs or Operating Systems.

17. Stay bless, keep coding and change the world!

Thank you. On behalf of ILJ Admins