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100's of items more add almost daily!
This site is set up for selling my items.
1. All sales are final no returns please inspect your items at exchange to make sure there in the condition you want.

2. No money back buyer beware deal. If you do not want or like the condition any item is in at exchange then you do not have to buy it.

3. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE ASK PRIOR to purchase. The only dumb question is a question not asked.

4. I do my best to describe items condition in all ads.


6. Please tell your friends about me an pass my site along to them. I'm adding all the time so hopefully i can hit on something you want. copy and paste this link

7. Once you have an item pending if you haven't made arrangements for pickup with in 24 hrs the item will be marked available again.

8. I understand if things come up but PLEASE contact me! Contact is important an is being a responsible buyer!

9. If you have made arrangements and not picked up or paid for your items i will move on an then remove you from the group at my own discretion.

10. To purchase a item simply type (WANT) into the comment section of the item. Do not bother clicking (like)

11. Its 1st want 1st served on purchasing items but you are allowed to comment (2nd) And if the 1st buyer is no show you will be contacted.

12. Buyers are ask to meet for exchange at a public place for purchase. A parking lot of local business or my driveway depending upon time schedule. (I do not deliver out of town or ship!)

13. If there is something your looking for or collect please feel free to let me know. I go to yard sales, auctions, and flea markets all the time I'll probably find it.

14. New items are added all the time so please check back often.